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Sabine 12z Chromatic Digital Tuner

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Elegant and simple, the Phantom is a real breakthrough. The key is phantom-powered DSP-a first in the industry. Your DSP processing is now customizable and physically located at each microphone. Think of the applications: retrofit every podium mic at your church, school, boardroom, or teleconferencing center. Get one on every mic you specify from now on! The Phantom delivers benefits for everyone involved with your sound system. Whether they are loud talkers or meek mumblers, all your presenters will appreciate the consistent sound quality and managed gain provided by the Phantom. The technicians will love the fast and easy installation and setup, and they can leave the mic unattended, knowing the adaptive functions of the Phantom will take care of feedback, gain, and clarity. The Phantom even turns the mic off when no one is in front of it using the included, detachable infrared sensor. The audience will appreciate the clear sound and increased intelligibility, and your accounting department will love the price. Getting a Phantom is like having an engineer in every microphone who manages the gain, drops in parametric filters to kill feedback, tweaks the EQ when the speaker gets too close, edits out the plosive sounds without affecting the audio, and turns the mic off if no one is near it. With all these features in one small package, all for such a great price, you can afford to put one on every mic in your system. Installing and setting up your Phantom is extraordinarily easy. Just insert the Phantom between the mic's base (or podium if the mic is flush mounted) and the connector on your gooseneck mic. The installation is done. The controls (hidden beneath the security cover) will allow you to make a few adjustments to customize the Phantom for each situation. Set the Phantom for your mic's sensitivity, then set your FBX filters and tweak the proximity and plosive controls if necessary. The whole process will take a minute or two, and you are ready to go. [fcntr]