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Rovner 2R Tenor Sax Ligature - Dark

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The Rovner Dark assists in producing a full, centered tone. One can compare the results of this ligature with the age-old technology of the string ligature. Enjoyed especially by classical performers for its warm sound, the Rovner Dark is our most favored and top selling ligature. Rovner ligatures hold the reed to the mouthpiece with no pressure points. Because there are no pressure points or rigid constraints on the reed, the reed seats evenly to the facing of the mouthpiece reducing stuffiness and improving tonal clarity. Available Dark model ligatures 1E - Bb German String/ Eb Clarinet, Nickel Fittings 1M - Metal Alto/Small Tenor Sax, Nickel Fittings 1MB - Metal Alto/Tenor Slim, Gold Fittings 1MD - Metal Dukoff Sop Sax, Nickel Fittings 1MS - Metal Selmer Sop Sax, Nickel Fittings 1MVS - Metal Small Sop Sax, Gold Fittings 1R - Bb Clarinet, Nickel Fittings 1RL - Hard Rubber Alto Sax, Gold Fittings 1RR - Hard Rubber Runyon Alto Sax, Gold Fittings 1RVS - Hard Rubber Sop Sax, Gold Fittings 1RXS - Hard Rubber X-Sm Sop Sax, Gold Fittings 2M - Metal Med Alto/Tenor Sax, Nickel Fittings 2R - Hard Rubber Tenor Sax, Gold Fittings 2RBL - Hard Rubber Slim Baritone Sax, Gold Fittings 2RS - Alto Clarinet, Nickel Fittings 3ML - Metal Large Tenor/Small Bari Sax, Gold Fittings 3ML-NY - Metal Tenor "NY" Sax, Gold Fittings 3MVL - Metal Otto Link Baritone Sax, Gold Fittings 3R - Hard Rubber Baritone Sax, Gold Fittings 3RL - Bass Clarinet, Nickel Fittings 4R - Hard Rubber Bass Sax, Gold Fittings 4RL - BBb Contrabass Clarinet, Nickel Fittings 4RS - Eb Contra/Alto Clarinet, Nickel Fittings [fcntr]