Performance Plus CP-C Vocal Chromatic C to C Pitch Pipe with Velvet Bag

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Performance Plus makes pitch pipes for most instruments including, guitar, 5 string banjo, mandolin, ukulele, violin, cello, viola, tenor banjo, cuatro and (2) Chromatic pitch pipes and is the largest manufacturer of pitch pipes [sold] in the USA. The CP-C Chromatic Pitch Pipe has a range of C to C, and is designed to produce a precise musical pitch. Each Chromatic Pitch Pipe has 13 hand-tuned, harmonica quality brass reeds with extra tight non leaking tone chambers are electronically test by exacting strobe testers to insure they are precision tuned for the full chromatic scale. Each Performance Plus Chromatic Pitch Pipe is has the scale arranged in sequence and noted by embossed lettering on both the blue top and gold colored bottom covers. Each Performance Plus Chromatic Pitch Pipes includes a soft royal blue carrying pouch. Performance Plus Chromatic pitch pipes are frequently used by a cappella singers and timpanists. Performance Plus Chromatic pipes have thirteen pitches, each a half step above the previous. By blowing in the proper notes of a single octave, a singer can start in any key in most modern music. Performance Plus Chromatic pitch pipes are available for men and women with the differences in vocal range: most male singers most often use F-F pipes, while female singers tend to use C-C pipes. Please note, the Men's pitch pipe in F to F is pitched higher than the Women's C to C pitch pipe. A vocalist usually use of the Performance Plus pitch pipe is to play the initial key note or tonic (first scale degree of a diatonic scale) of the music they will be singing and is not normally used to play the first sung note of the song, especially if the song begins is a solo. [fcntr]