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J&D Hite - H117 Premiere Mouthpiece - Eb Alto Saxophone - Fornaszewski Music Store, Granite City IL 62040 - www.stanf.com

J&D Hite - Premiere Mouthpiece - Eb Alto Saxophone H117

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J & D Hite - Premiere Mouthpiece - Eb Alto Saxophone Produced in one medium preferred facing, the PREMIERE clarinet mouthpiece line is hand finished to the highest professional standards, much more accurately than higher priced production finished mouthpieces. The acoustically efficient design results in a pleasant, resonant sound produced without excessive physical effort. Although marketed as student line mouthpieces, PREMIERES are used by many professionals because of their rich sound and flexibility. These mouthpieces are extremely popular as "step-up" mouthpieces for players who would benefit from a better mouthpiece but are put off by the higher prices. [fcntr]