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HW Pad-Saver - Swab Set - Tenor Sax TPS - Fornaszewski Music Store, Granite City IL 62040 - www.stanf.com

HW Pad-Saver - Swab Set - Tenor Sax TPS

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Proven the #1 selling woodwind swab for over 25 years, the Original H.W. Pad-Saver de-moisturizer is the woodwind player's best friend in instrument maintenance. Designed to be left in the instrument while not being played, these swabs draw and dissipate moisture from the bore, toneholes, and pads, extending the life of the pads and saving money on frequent repairs. These swabs are made from a proprietary ultra wicking micro-fiber material that will not shed, shrink, or bleed. This material is formulated to draw moisture from any surface it touches. Plastic tips are non-scratching and are so rugged the quality-control test involves a hammer! This is a reliable product that is guaranteed not to damage your instrument. Available for sax, flute, piccolo, and clarinet. Universal mouthpiece savers are also available. The sax swab features a custom molded cap specially designed to protect the octave key mechanism while the instrument is in the case. Since this cap is basically the handle, it is press-fitted so it stays securely attached. [fwall]