Haskell W Harr Drum Method - Book 1

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This best-selling instruction book was developed to meet the needs of the young student aspiring to become a drummer in the school band or orchestra. Book 1 spans 52 lessons and includes: rudiments å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_ & cent; study of various time figures found in every day playing å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_ & cent; care and maintenance of drums å¥ÌÛ_å¥ÌÛ_ & cent; and more. Building on the lessons from Book 1, Book 2 covers 26 rudiments and contains additional studies in various time signatures utilizing the 26 rudiments. Softcover64 pagesSize: 12" x 9"Author: Haskell W. HarrISBN: 1423407725 [mus15]