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FM - 3/4 size - Complete Primo Violin Outfit - Pink

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Pink 3/4 size;Primo Violin Outfit (violin, case, tone bow and rosin) An excellent choice for the beginning Adult and Youth students. Maple top. The head, front, back and sides of this acoustic violin are made from composite wood. Custom setups and adjustments available for in-store purchases. Available Colors: - Natural -;Black - White - Dark Blue - Sky Blue - Pink - Green - Red Weight: 1366g / 48.18oz Tailpiece Material: Aluminium Alloy - Top Material: Maple. - Chin Rest Material: Blacked Wood. - Tuning Peg Material: Blacked Wood. - End Pin Material: Blacked Wood. - Violin Bow Material: Arbor. - Violin;Bridge;Material: Maple Also available in 4/4, 1/2,&1/4 sizes. [unk]