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Who We Are

Fornaszewski Music StoreFornaszewski Music is a full-service retail music store at 3009 Nameoki Road, Granite City, Illinois, owned by The Fornaszewski (for-na-chev-skee) Family for 60+ years.

Stan Fornaszewski, c19351957, Steelworker, Stan Fornaszewski purchased local grocery store "Elliott's Market," becoming "Stan's Market". Stan's son, John Fornaszewski worked at the market and teaching drum lessons in the back, as "John Fornaszewski Drum Studio". By 1960, John had 70+ students weekly, and performed with bands nightly.

In John Fornaszewski, c19651963, half the building was rebuilt and in January 1964, "John Fornaszewski Music Store / Drum Shop" officially opened for business. In February 1964, a British group "The Beatles" hit the USA, and the music industry took off like a rocket ship (Some manufacturers had 3 years of back orders). In July 1964, the grocery store was closed. John took over the entire property and operated the store for 51 years - teaching hundreds of music students, booking local bands, servicing touring bands, and bringing in many famous musicians and celebrities to the Granite City area.

In 2015, John's son, Stan Fornaszewski Stan Fornaszewski (3yo)(musician/bandleader) took over the business as "Fornaszewski Music". Stan say's, "I grew up in the music store. Musical instruments were everywhere, and everyday Stan FornaszewskiI would learn something new about music, musicians, or instruments, including how to tune them, play them, teach them, sell them, service them, and repair them. I started playing instruments at age of 3, began playing professionally with bands at 10, teaching at 16, college at 18, and for almost 40 years, I made a living performing with world famous bands/entertainers, operating my own big band regionally. I was always helping my dad with the store. I knew the business and had been selling vintage music items online since 2000. Taking over the business was always a natural progression."

Today, Stan and his wife operate several businesses, including "Fornaszewski Music Online," "Fornaszewski Music," and "Online Music Lessons with Stan Fornaszewski" - serving music students and customers throughout the USA and the world. <stanf.com>  Stan says, "When you love what you do, it isn't work. We thank our Lord for his many blessings."